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Guru Jedi Clan Page
Clan Hierachy


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This Page shows the masters of the clan and there apprentice/bodyguards. The masters of the clan teach these bodyguards their skills hoping someday the apprentices may become powerful masters like them.



STATUS:Master/Council Leader
DESCRIPTION:By rights is a dark jedi or sith. Uses the force to crush his enemies. He will try as a master to pass this skill onto his padawans in the hope that they will become powerful masters themselves.

NAME: GJ_Morpheus
STATUS: Personal Bodyguard/student of Booly.
DESCRIPTION: Morpheus uses the darkside of the force to his advantage. With the teaching of his master could become even more powerful than he. Adopting the same style as Booly he will become a great threat.

NAME: GJ_Skellz0r
STATUS: Dark Journeyman/Bodyguard
DESCRIPTION: Skellz0r is Booly's newest student adopting new unorthadox style of fighting. With the help of Booly he will be able to use the force and Dark Arts to his advantage.

NAME: GJ_Farlit
STATUS: Sith Apprentice
DESCRIPTION: Even newer than Skellz0r Farlit is a powerful Sith with visions of grandure. Hopefully with Booly's help he can perfect his sbaer skillz and use the force to his advantage.


NAME: GJ_MentalNinja
STATUS: Master
DESCRIPTION: Mental is a master by his own right. He uses his mastery of his saber to his advantage. His Students with his help will someday become powerful allies to the council.

STATUS: Bodyguard/Student
DESCRIPTION: Doom his name says it all. He is a powerful bodyguard to Mental and with mentals halp could become strong in the ways of the force. His Saber skills are far from substandard but mental could teach him alot.

NAME: GJ_Evil_Lord_87
STATUS: Bodyguard/Padawan
DESCRIPTION: New to the ways of the council Evil has good skill with a saber after tough tuition by Booly. Looking at Evils style Booly passed him onto Mental for further tuition in the ways of the force and saber mastery.


STATUS: Master
DESCRITION: Irv was found by Booly and rose to mastery faster than any other candidate of the force. His mastery of the Dark Jedi arts like Booly's is strong. Fighting with a style unlike any other going in fast hitting succesfully on every pass Irv is powerful by far.

STATUS: Journeyman
DESCRIPTION: Myth recruited by Irv has apparently great natural talent. We have seen little of this student as it seems Irv is keeping him under wraps until the time when he becomes ready to face the other padawans for a place as a master.

STATUS: Journeyman/Bodyguard
DESCRIPTION: Spotted by IRV and Booly, Rahn is a great addition to the ways of the Dark Side. With IRVs srict training regime could become a powerful allie to the Guru Council. And inturn a powerful enemy of others.

NAME: GJ_Fantasy
STATUS: Apprentice
DESCRIPTION: Fantasy is Myths younger brother. He has a passable skill with a saber and with hard work and perserverance could become a great sith asset.

NAME: GJ_Bel_Iblis
STATUS: Apprentice
DESCRIPTION: A good saberist a natural even but nothing when comapered to irv. But with irvs help he could become a compitent asset to us all. Yet his force abilities are yet to be examined he should do well


NAME: GJ_jjab_1
STATUS: Master
DESCRIPTION: Found by Booly this light sided jedi is a powerful addition to the Guru Council. His mastery of the saber will be passed onto the bodyguards and padawans of his choice. His use of the lightside of the force is a very refreshing addition and the council will be watching him closely.

NAME: GJ_deathbox
STATUS: Bodygurd of JJAB
DESCRIPTION: This lightsided Jedi uses he force to his advantage healing and absobing others powers. He will be taught how to perfect his saber mastery and how to perfect using the lightside of the force by JJAB.

NAME: GJ_Nevyn
STATUS: BodyGuard/Student of the force.
DESCRIPTION: A saberist by heart. His style needs to be perfected but Irv is definately the man to do this. Nevyn if he listens to Irvs guidance will become extremely powerful in the ways of the force. Making him a great asset to the Guru Jedi Council.

NAME: GJ_Fflam
STATUS: Apprentice
DESCRIPTION: Founded by jjab on Fflam's homeworld as a child given the right tutorage by jjab could become extremely powerful. Should become a priceless asset as the war begins with DJ.

Uninitiated Jedi Knights