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Guru Jedi Clan Page


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DRC are th first allies of the clan and we will hopefully help eachother throughout.

LS also against the tyranny of DJ we will use their expertise to their advantage and like i said earlier crush them.

LS Contract

GJ (hereafter referred as to party A) pledges it's alliance with LS (hereafter referred to party B. Party A accepts involvement in the Conflict with DJ and the Party B. In exchange B will supply Party A with a message board. Party A will also require 2 seats on party B's council in exchange party a will supply 1 seat on it's Council. The contract is signed by 2 top ranking dignities representing both parties...





the afore contract has a duration of 6 month's, during this time it is valid and binding.

Once this time has elapsed, however, the contract is worthless pending both parties signing

it again. Amendment's may be made at this point.

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